Custom electronic stamping parts




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1. Stamping Production Process:

Die Design.jpg

Tool Maker.jpg


(2).Tooling Process

Once we made a contract, we will discuss the project with our team, considering all the details, and then start design. Before making the die parts we will send the design to for your approval. Any changes can be modified according to your opinion.

After drawing confirmed, we will manufacturing the mold according customer’s requirement, our mold spare parts are mainly processing by CNC machine, P/G, W/E, EDM Grinding etc. After processing will assembly the mold.



(3).Mass Production
(4).Final Inspection

After customer's approval, we will prepare material for mass production, testing the products, qualified products packing, and entering warehouse, and then prepare shipping.
Final Insepction Report when ship parts.

2. Advantage:

- Design die/mould in own factory.

- Make die/mould in own factory.

- Experience from 1990.

- TS16949/ ISO9001 Certificated.

3. Various Products:

Our precision stamping services support various industries all over the world, also we are prefer to challenging the new

technology in the future.
These precision metal stamping services include:
  • Custom metal stamping

  • Precision metal stamping

  • Progressive die stamping

  • Terminals metal stamping

  • Connector shell metal stamping

  • Metal contact stamping

  • Deep drawing

  • Reel to reel metal stamping

  • Metal forming stamping

  • High speed metal stamping

  • Stainless steel metal stamping

  • Insert molding metal stamping

4. Material:

Our material suppliers are from big brands at home and abroad, like Weiland, Nippon Mining, XinKe, ZiJin. Their price are transparent.

These precision metal stamping materials include:
  • Copper

  • Beryllium Copper

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Carbon Steel

  • Foil

  • Silver

  • Nickel

  • Tin

  • Gold

  • Stainless Steel

  • Spring Steel

  • Sheet Metal

  • Silver

  • Nickel Alloy

  • Nickel Steel

  • Phosphorus Bronze

  • Metal


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